• How are your environments supporting you?


    Creating Amazing Environments is a two-hour event to help you expand your world, your thinking, and the actions that make your work urgently important.

    We are going to provide you with ideas to clear out any negativity surrounding you and create amazing environments that inspire your important work to scale. This is an opportunity for your story to be told and put your ideas into action.

    You’ll leave with your personal action plan and meet a great group of people you will want up continue to communicate with.

  • Why is this event different?

    Let’s be honest - most events have become routine, lack connection, and the audience is talked at for nearly the entire time.

    Instead of the typical event where it can feel like you are desperately trying to connect with someone during a quick break, we are providing the space for you to have a different reason for coming and we want to make sure it works for you.

  • Schedule

    Monday, April 23rd, 2018

    • 6:00pm - Gathering and conversation
      • This is about being curious and intentional.  We will start promptly to give you everything you need.
    • 6:15pm - Welcome and Introductions
      • We also begin the event with everyone getting 15 seconds to introduce themselves and to say what they are looking for (job, someone to collaborate with, feedback on a project etc)
    • 6:30pm - Presenters present Five-minute talks
      • We have a great group of speakers – but they aren’t giving traditional talks.
    • 7:00pm - Curated conversation 
      • You will be able to have conversations with the speakers about their ideas 
    • 7:20pm - Open conversations
      • You will leave with your own personal action plan by connecting with those that you want to connect with.
    • 7:55pm - Wrap up and What's Next

    Bonus: Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

    • 9:00pm ET - Bernadette Jiwa 
      • She will be joining us for a workshop by her via Zoom based on her new book Story-Driven. All who register to attend for April 23rd will get a copy of her new book and a link to the workshop.
  • Speakers

    We've got a top notch speaking group!

    Bernadette Jiwa

    Bernadette helps companies big and small to design, build and grow careers and brands they’re proud of by getting to the heart of who they are. She has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders enabling them to develop a business strategy and brand story that’s aligned with their unique identity, vision and values.

    Jill Schiefelbein

    Jill is a recovering academic, a serial entrepreneur who has developed innovative online educational programs, she generously shares great communication tips on YouTube and is the author of Dynamic Communications: 27 Strategies to Grow, Lead, and Manage Your Business.​

    Yin Lin

    Yin is the Executive Director of Women's Ventures at TheWrap. She is building and driving the strategy for a new division at TheWrap focused on building a power base of leading women in entertainment, media, and technology committed to accelerating the careers of the next generation of change makers.

    David Shiner-Cahn

    David Shiner-Cahn is the CEO of TEND Strategic Partners and the host of the podcast Smashing the Plateau. David knows the world of growing businesses well and he approaches it with wonderful curiosity, humor, and provides results for his community.

    Michael O'Brien

    Michael helps successful sales and marketing executives who are juggling it all to slay the internal feelings of worry and doubt so they can accomplish complete success. Micahel was a successful sales professional and marketing director, and now he coaches those same people who feel burdened by the same stress that reduces energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration at work and at home.

    Helena Escalante

    Helena blogs daily where she shares her witty insights, key points and her suggested implementation actions from books that we have on our reading lists but may not have gotten to yet. Helena also coordinates business events at the New York Public Library. She is a gifted interviewer and you will find yourself captivated by her warm style that makes you feel like a guest in her living room and part of an important conversation.

    Lisa Guida

    Lisa Guida spent her corporate career in leadership roles growing employees, customers, and companies. Most recently she has helped the personal care and beverage packaging company grow from a single location to multiple locations with a client base that includes Pepsi-Co, Bath & Bodyworks, 3M, and many others.

    Josh Jackson

    Josh speaks and advocates for human rights. He thinks about new disciplines and how organizations innovate and communicate. His dream is that all citizens will stand and advocate for their valuable and generous assertions. His hope is for everyone to have access to the resources needed to fight for justice and that access will continue long after he is gone.

  • Venue and Location

    Shaw Contract

    853 Broadway

    New York, NY 10003

  • Tickets - $200

    Includes access to all presenters.

    *Tickets available until Friday, April 20th at 7:59 AM



    Group Reward: Purchase 15 tickets and get a one-hour exclusive workshop with Unlearnings.Co, with session date and time to be mutually agreed upon. Reward is limited to 15 people max. All group ticket rewards have limited availability and are mutually exclusive. Contact us directly for group purchasing.

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