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Unlearnings: A riff about our motivation

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It’s Josh.

I wanted to tell you about Unlearnings.

And it all starts with motivation.

I have a different way of being motivated than Lisa - the other co-founder of Unlearnings. We see things differently, we act differently, and that is because we have different experiences.

We created Unlearnings because a lot of what we have been taught doesn't work anymore - we change and we evolve.

I have spent almost my entire life in formal schooling - built on the traditional, top-down education curriculum, here’s the material, these are the rules, this will be on the test, don’t question why. Just learn.

Where all think alike, no one thinks very much. ~Walter Lippmann

I have spent a considerable amount of time learning by challenging that top-down model --- that is, relearning learning.

What would happen if learning wasn’t vertical, but infinitely horizontal, emphasizing diverse experiences, across disciplines? What if the rules of learning material on your own were now focused on creating material? What if there wasn’t a test, but collaboration to find new openings, to create new meaning, to find new connections?

To Unlearn.

What do you want to Unlearn?

We show up every week. I would love for you to check it out.

But, First, what is your motivation?

My question for you today is how are you going to take action? Which way motivates you to change your behavior?

Clean, crisp, clear, and generously unlearning for yourself? Click here.

Hard, to the point? Brash with no reservation? Click here.

It is your choice.

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