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Unlearnings : Why Audio is the New Frontier of Marketing— and how you can take advantage of it

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Storytelling is one of the most consistent parts of the human experience across all cultures and throughout history.

The technological advances of the past 100 years— and particularly over the last 10 years or so with the rise of podcasting—has opened an exciting new chapter of storytelling and marketing.

That’s just what our friend Andre Piazza shared with us on our latest episode.
Based out of Austin, Texas, Andre hosts a Portuguese-language podcast on entrepreneurship. Andre is clear proof that audio— in the form of podcasting— is an exploding new frontier in the world of marketing and tribe-building.
If you probably know, podcasting is huge today and continues to surge in popularity among all age groups.

Andre points out that people tune into a podcast for both entertainment and information, and the power of audio is that it’s non-intrusive; it does not demand that you pay exclusive attention to it. You can consume it on your own terms while multitasking.
Many of us choose podcasts, not just for the content but also for the length; you can enjoy an episode when it fits your schedule. This is why so many people listen to podcasts while running, walking, or during their commute.
According to a 2017 Edison Report

42 million people listen to podcasts every month, for an average five hours a week.

Also, podcasting is an opportunity to establish yourself as a thought-leader. As a podcaster, you can take on many formats, from interviews and monologues, or a mixture of both.

However, it will take time to build up listeners, but the key is to show up regularly. It appears that your podcast hits a tipping point at about the 18-month timeframe, so you should start today.

That’s a lot of consumption.

The important thing is to show up regularly.​

Savvy podcasters understand that by providing clear show notes or transcripts, you are also making it easier for people to find you via SEO, and it allows listeners to re-check something that they found really interesting.
Take a look at your own listening habits. What are your favorite podcasts and why?
Take a look at the change you are trying to make in the world. Perhaps a podcast is a great way to reach more of the people you’re trying to connect with. I’d be willing to bet the answer is yes, and there is already an audience out there looking for you, even if you haven’t found it yet.

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